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Adriana Ramirez

Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist

Adriana Ramirez, Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist. Screening, intervention, feeding, infant massage


Adriana Ramirez

Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist

I have been an occupational therapist with 26 years of experience in the pediatric rehabilitation field. Since day one of my career, I have been dedicated to working with children with severe motor and developmental disabilities. Now, I am more focused on early detection and early intervention from the prevention approach. It is possible to correct the trajectory of a developmental disturbance when it is detected and intervened at an early age.



Autism early detection


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Infant Massage

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Listening Therapy program

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In a consultation session, we look at parents' concerns regarding the child's development. When something is wrong, Mom and Dad will always have many questions to ask.


Curso para padres online

Comenzando en casa: Intervencion Implementada por padres para ninos pequenos con autismo.


Parents Comment


Beca G.

“My daughter was late in all of her milestones, I made the decision to take her to see Ms Adriana. A few weeks later my daughter was finally walking, making complete sentences and finally started to memorize and learn. My daughter is now seven years old and is academically advanced, all thanks to the therapy services received by Ms. Adriana.”

Cintya S.

“Without a doubt, early intervention is undoubtedly what makes the difference in the quality of life of all those children who in one way or another are born with some condition. Rafael Antonio was diagnosed with agenesis of the corpus callosum and septum pellucidum. At 12 days-old we were lucky and blessed to fall into Adriana's hands and there began our journey hand by hand with her, day by day, week after week, and month by month she was training us to do Rafael's therapies at home. 
Today Rafael Antonio is a 4 years old boy, healthy, active, smart with not handicap. The most important message is to anticipate any possible situation thanks to early intervention.”

Mariana C.

"My second baby, Martina, was a prolonged labor for approximately 26 hours; from that moment, I began to think that my daughter could have some sequel to that delivery. During the first 6-months, I observed that the evolution in her development was not the same as that of my oldest daughter and inevitably compared them: at 5 or 6 months she still included thumbs, she did not raise her head, at 7 mess still could not sit up, she was not able to move like other babies. I talked to my pediatrician and the answer was always that we need to wait until 14 months. I felt that this was not an answer, Adriana evaluated her and observed that something was not right and gave me the diagnosis and told me that we will start working NOW. The therapies had made my daughter start to function like a normal child. Her brain, which was on pause, started running for the first time. Today I advise that it is not healthy to wait, I feel that not having listened to my doctor was the best decision, having waited until 14 months would have meant that she lost part of her life. The kind of help founded in Adriana has no description, is priceless, I always let her know how grateful I am to have found her on my way, this road so difficult to travel for all moms. Today my daughter is an incredibly awake, happy, and intelligent girl.