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"The skin and the brain have the same embryonic origin. Massaging the skin is massaging the brain"


Infant Massage for kids with special needs.

  • Infant massage as a powerful tool for booster brain development and self-regulation, the most important skills in the early years

  • Premature babies, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, genetic conditions, low muscle tone, attachment disorders, etc.

  • 2-hours family training session

  • Everyone is welcome!

  • Details click here

Supporting fathering through infant massage.

"Research suggests that participating fathers were helped by increasing their feelings of competence, role acceptance, spousal support, attachment, and health and by decreasing feelings of isolation and depression."

Cheng, C. D., Volk, A. A., & Marini, Z. A. (2011).  The Journal of perinatal education, 20(4), 200–209.

Learn more about the power of infant massage

The effects of preterm infant massage on brain electrical activity.

"Massage intervention affects the maturation of brain electrical activity and favors a process more similar to that observed in utero in term infants".

Dr Andrea Guzzetta at the Department of Developmental Neuroscience, Stella Maris Scientific Institute, Via dei Giacinti 2, I‐56018 Calambrone, Pisa, Italy.


Infant massage improves attitudes toward childbearing, maternal satisfaction, and pleasure in parenting

 Infant massage is one of the approaches that make an important contribution to the psychological and physiological wellbeing of both baby and mother, helping to form a harmonious relationship. Mothers in the experimental group were better adapted to motherhood, had greater confidence in their abilities, and received more support from their mothers and husbands, and a stronger relationship with their babies.

SóniaVicentea, ManuelaVeríssimob, EvaDinizb

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